Prepare for an executive-level interview

Executive-level interviews look for people with exceptional expertise in a particular field that can contribute to growing a company and help make executive-level decisions. It is extremely important to prepare for an executive-level interview as the role requires an organised and highly motivated individual that will drive results and deliver on the organisation’s goals.

Executive-level interviews are more demanding than an interview for a job in a lower position as employers are looking for someone that can not only work well individually and as part of a team, but someone who can also lead and manage. Taking time to prepare for an executive-level interview is crucial if you are eager to be selected for such a position. Below are our top tips on preparing for an executive-level interview.

Make Sure The Job is Right for You

Making sure the job you have applied for is right for you is crucial in deciding the success of the interview and your career. You should first consider whether the role is something you are truly passionate about fulfilling day-to-day; an executive-level role requires dedication which will not be easy if you do not feel you would enjoy the role. Whether or not you have experience in a similar executive-level position, it is also vital to make sure you are prepared for the fast-paced nature and responsibility of a higher-level role. If the role is something you feel you would excel in then you should find out more about the company to work out if you would fit in with their culture. A role may be perfect for you but if the company culture is different from what you would like or expect, then it is likely you will not enjoy the job. Once you are sure that the executive level role at a company is one you would enjoy and work well in, you can start to properly prepare for the interview.

Research the Industry, Company, and Interviewers

Researching the industry, company, and interviewers, if possible, is absolutely crucial to having a chance at securing an executive-level role. You need to turn up to your interview with enough knowledge to impress. First, make sure you know the industry inside out. Whether the job is in retail or hospitality, look up statistics, facts and anything else that will help further your knowledge of the role. You will then need to do the same for the company; find out as much as you can about the company itself, its management, main achievements, statistics and anything else you can find. Going to an interview equipped with this knowledge will not only help you stand out from others but give you enough confidence to be sure to impress. Finally, if you know who will be interviewing you, try to research who they are, what their role is within the company ,and how this relates to the role you will be hoping to fulfill. Knowledge is power and will help you to show you understand the organisation. 

Prepare Answers to Any Question

The best way to prepare an answer for any question is to list all of your relevant skills for the role, and prepare multiple stories for each. This means that whenever a question is asked about a skill, you can prove that you have the skill in an impressive and organised way. It is also a wise idea to come up with answers to commonly asked executive-level interview questions.

Frequently asked questions include:

  1. Why do you want to work for our company?
  2. What do you think needs to be improved in the company?
  3. How would you encourage employees to work more productively?
  4. Which are the most important statistics to analyse as part of your role?
  5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

There is a huge range of questions that could be asked, so if you really want to prepare for your interview and have a greater chance at securing the job, then prepare as many answers and stories as possible. 

Attend the Interview with Confidence 

There is no better way to convince someone you will be great at a role than to convince yourself of it first. Having the confidence that you are a great fit for the role, and have appropriate skills and experience, means that you will be able to deliver an excellent interview performance. Preparing for the interview will not only help with this confidence but allow you to focus on other important attributes, such as constantly making eye contact, smiling ,and having open and warming body language.

Dressing the part for your executive-level interview will also help to increase your confidence. If you are attending an interview in person, make sure that you have all the necessary documentation and plan to arrive at least 15 to 30 minutes prior to the interview time you have been given. 

As long as you follow our tips and prepare yourself as much as possible for an interview, you will have a great chance of succeeding. An executive-level role requires someone that can manage themselves and others, think out of the box and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Go above and beyond in preparing for your interview and it will be likely that you will secure your dream job.